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[UPDATE] New version 1.0.190 Fix

excel accounting template

Today we released version 1.0.190 of the Excel Accounting Template. This is just a minor update fixing a few formulas regarding the fiscal year update.

If you use the calendar year as your fiscal then you don’t have to do anything. Just ignore this update.

Otherwise, update to v1.0.190 using the free ExcelWorkx Update Tool which is available in the members’ area.

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Business Planner 2019 – 2021

business planner in excel

Today we added additional years to the Business Planner 2019 – 2021. This is a unique Excel template that lets you sets short and long-term goals and break them into small pieces. Credits: this template has been based on the Passion Planner of Angelia Trinidad. It has been changed to fit digital application. If you prefer a hardcopy please buy it at

3 different layouts

1. Annual layout: Helps you create a one year plan to reach your goals. Use this layout to mark checkpoints and deadlines in the monthly and weekly layouts. Define monthly focus points and decide on projects to execute.

2. Monthly layout: Helps you check in with your previous month, define your most important goals, break down your goals into actionable steps, and set deadlines. All data from the annual layout is also displayed.

3. Weekly layout: Incorporates your business and personal goals into the context of your daily responsibilities. Each week has sections for you to write in the week’s focus and the day’s focus, schedule appointments, list both personal and work tasks by priority, jot down the good things that happened, and a blank space to customize each week to your needs.

Business Planner

5 extra templates

It also comes with five extra sheets for making notes, keeping to-do-lists, tracking your habits, a contact list and a sheet to reflect on the last mont and planning the next month.

business planner in excel

Check it out here.

Business Planner

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Free Bookkeeping Template

free bookkeeping template

Download your free bookkeeping template now! Do you want to do your own bookkeeping in Excel? That is easy when you have a well designed and tested template. We have developed the Excel Accounting Template which has lots of features. However, if your business is small and you don’t want to spend any money on accounting templates or software, then try this…

Free Bookkeeping Template

Free Bookkeeping Template

This free bookkeeping template is easy-to-understand, simple-to-use and completely free. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Use software you already own (Microsoft Excel)
  • Setup your accounting system and run it on autopilot in less than 15 minutes
  • Do your own bookkeeping as simple as filling out a table
  • Save hundreds of dollars on accounting fees and software subscriptions
  • Create invoices in seconds and analyze your business with automatically updated financial reports

All you have to do is download your free bookkeeping template and:

  1. Quickly setup your system (don’t worry, it is extremely simple and only takes a few minutes)
  2. Create awesome looking invoices by filling in the blanks
  3. Record your sales & purchases in a simple table (no popups, no interfaces, just a table)
  4. View the profit & loss statement and balance sheet (automatically created and updated)

Download now!

What are you waiting for? Download your free bookkeeping template now at

free bookkeeping template


And the best part? Support is included! With our free bookkeeping template you are up and running within minutes. It is very simple. However, we will gladly help you if you get stuck. Because bookkeeping is not just self-evident for all entrepreneurs. How we help you?

  • Extensive manual: we created a manual that will guide you through the bookkeeping steps. The manual is available online and as a pdf-file
  • FAQ: check the frequently asked questions first. There is a good chance your question has already been answered
  • Tips: practical bookkeeping tips for entrepreneurs like you
  • Is your question now answered or do you have a comment? Send us an e-mail.
Download Free Bookkeeping Template
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[UPDATE] New version 1.0.189 Support for fiscal years deviating from a calendar year

Excel accounting template support fiscal years

Good news! Today we released version 1.0.189 of the Excel accounting template. By request we added support for fiscal years deviating from a calendar year. For instance, a fiscal year starting at April 1st and ending at March 31st.

Simply enter the starting month at the Fiscal Year Settings area.

Excel accounting template support fiscal years

Please download the latest version in the members area. Use the ExcelWorkx Update Tool to quickly copy your data to this new version.

We hope you like it.

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[UPDATE] New version 1.0.187 Support for ExcelWorkx Update Tool 2.0

Excel Accounting Template Update

We have released version 1.0.187 today.

This release now supports version 2.0 of the ExcelWorkx Update Tool. Now you can choose what data you want to copy:

  1. Copy all data (inclusing transactions)
  2. Copy master data only (such as customers, suppliers, products & services etc. exclusing transactions)

Next to that we added the CoC-number to the invoice template which is mandatory in some countries. And we changed a formula to check for empty description fields in the Income tab. If no description was entered a “0” was shown. This has now been suppressed.

Excel Accounting Template Update

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Great news + update v1.0.186

ExcelWorkx Update Tool In Action

We have some great news for you!

One of the biggest disadvantages of the Excel accounting template is having to manually copy your data into a new template when we release an update. Well, until now!

ExcelWorkx Update Tool

We our proud to present the ExcelWorkx Update Tool. Now you can automatically update to the latest version of the Excel accounting template without having to manually copy your data within minutes!

This is a big step for us. Now we can release new versions of the Excel accounting template more often without feeling burdened that you have to go through the manual update process. This is fully automated now.

ExcelWorkx Update Tool In Action

You can download the ExcelWorkx Update Tool in the members area. Although the process is straightforward, please read the manual, since there are a few requirements that must be met.

Version 1.0.186

The latest version 1.0.186 now supports the Excelworkx Update Tool.

We also added additional trade names to use for invoices, reminders and packing lists. You can enter them in the Settings-area. You can select the trade name on the right of the invoice, reminder and/or packing list.

Please download the new version in the members area.

You can see the changelog here.

Manual in Dutch

And finally we translated the user manual in Dutch for our clients from The Netherlands and Belgium.

Please download the Dutch manual in the members area.


I hope you are just as thrilled about all this good news as we are…