1.0.189 – 2018-06-15

  • Dev – Added support for fiscal year (e.g. from April 1st to March 31st)

1.0.188 – 2018-04-11

  • Fix – Fixed issue that would not allow you to change custom language
  • Fix – Changed fixed text Totaal in Summary to object
  • Dev – Added prefix and suffix for invoice number

1.0.187 – 2017-12-30

  • Tweak – Added CoC-number to invoice and changed formula to check for empty description fields in Income
  • Dev – Added support for ExcelWorkx Update Tool v2.0 to copy master data only

1.0.186 – 2017-11-16

  • Feature – Added additional trade names to use for invoices, reminders and packing lists
  • Dev – Added support for automated ExcelWorkX update tool
  • Tweak – Unblocked headers ‘Free Code’ so you can add your own logical column headers

1.0.185 – 2017-11-05

  • Fix – Changed Trial Balance – Bottom row contains total when no account has been entered
  • Fix – Defined “Check for updates” text as an object for translation purposes
  • Tweak – Made group numbers visible (to change) in Summary and Project report

1.0.184 – 2017-10-31

  • Fix – Unlocked hidden cells in Project sheet – now you can change the group numbers in column B, NL now got correct group numbers
  • Fix – Added rounding to VAT calculation check in banks to prevent false errors

1.0.183 – 2017-10-27

  • Fix – Fixed 2 more formulas in invoice, reminder and packing list – document type was not shown correctly
  • Fix – Dutch version contained wrong account settings

1.0.182 – 2017-10-24

  • Fix – Fixed formulas in Invoice, Reminder and Packing List
  • Tweak – Added ‘Check for updates’ link to Settings

1.0.181 – 2017-10-20 First Edition

  • recording of sales, purchases, bank and cash transactions & journal entry
  • entering master data for customers, suppliers, products & services, projects and employees
  • recording of timesheets and mileage
  • multilingual user interface: standard in English, Dutch, French & German plus choose and edit your own language
  • multiple years in one template
  • extensive reporting modules: dashboard, summary, profit & loss, balance sheet, tax report, trial balance, project report, time report, top 10s
  • integrity checks throughout the template
  • ultimate flexibility: change company data, master data, chart of accounts, timesheet categories, VAT rates, data formats, payment terms etc.
  • automatic creation of invoices, reminders and packing lists in 10 difference colours based on sales ledger