Risk Control Self Assessment

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Do a Risk Control Self Assessment (RCSA) for your company, department or organisation. Risk assessment and control made easy and transparant. Available in English and Dutch.

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Every organization is exposed to risks. If you do not know these risks (well), you run the risk of being harmed. Risks are different. Because some risks are greater than other risks. One risk has a high chance of occurring. While another risk causes more damage if something unpleasant occurs.

Risk Control Self Assessment Template (RCSA)

What is the RCSA-template?

With the Risk Control Self Assessment (RCSA) template, you make a good risk assessment for your company, department or organization. The risks are clearly mapped with beautiful heatmaps. Now, you can start quickly with risk management. The RCSA template is equipped with:

  • 10 adjustable risk categories: choose the categories that are important for your organization.
  • Probability and Impact tables: express probability and damage in terms that make sense for your organization.
  • Risks and control measures: a well-organized list of risks. Give them a score for Probability and Impact before and after introduction of control measures.
  • Beautiful heat map: the risk evaluation heatmaps show all the risks in a handy matrix, so that you immediately see what your biggest risks are.
  • Heat map per category: heat maps per risk category are also shown for further analysis.
  • Available in Dutch and English

Risk Control Self Assessment Template (RCSA)

How does the RCSA-template work?

1. Fill in company, consultant name and separator(s) with General Settings.
2. Then choose up to 10 risk categories for Risk categories.
3. Then fill Probability and Impact tables with relevant data.
4. Identify and classify risks.
5. Then determine the initial probability (chance) and possible impact that can occur per risk.
6. Next, determine what the residual risk is after taking control measures.
7. Now use the heatmaps to gain insight into the risks. Select the Initial risk or Rest risk.
8. Finally, choose the order of the risk categories in Heatmap per category of reporting.


Below are some sample reports.

RCSA heatmap initial risk RCSA heatmap per category residual risk Risks

English and Dutch

The RCSA-template is available in English and Dutch.

Risk Control Self Assessment Template (RCSA)

Risk Control Self Assessment Template (RCSA)

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  1. Richard

    Out of the box, this met our immediate needs an assisted with our Self Risk assessment organization. I would recommend this for anyone looking to jumpstart their Risk Identification and remediation plan.

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