SIMPLEXCEL – Simple Cash Based Bookkeeping in Excel

An intelligent cash based bookkeeping template for small business owners, such as shopkeepers (including webshops), market traders, shoemakers, hairdressers, window cleaners, laundries, bicycle repair shops, beauty care companies, wallpapering, upholsterers, upholsterers, catering companies, driving schools, lawyers..:

  • An Excel based accounting system on a Windows or macOS Platform
  • Tabular system for easy transaction recording
  • Visual dashboards and reports for management guidance
  • Built-in integrity checks


Cash based booking in Excel with SIMPLEXCEL. This is bookkeeping easy! Complete accounting system using just ONE single table.

Do you feel helpless when it comes to your accounting? Are you tired of receiving a huge bill from your accountant, year after year, for services that you could easily be doing yourself? Are you fed up with paying for a service that is purposefully shrouded in mystery and secrecy (because if you actually knew how simple it was, you’d never pay an accountant again)? Do you wish there was a simplified system that would allow you not only save time, but thousands of dollars in unnecessary fees, by doing your own numbers?

Using SIMPLEXCEL saves you time you can spend with your family and saves you money you can invest in your business. Now doing your own accounting effortlessly is as simple as filling out a table.

Why use SIMPLEXCEL? What are your benefits?

With SIMPLEXCEL you can:

  • Do your accounting with standard business software you already own (Microsoft Excel). Don’t worry, this is an exceedingly simple process, even the most unorganized, non-tech savvy person can understand.
  • Have your entire accounting system set up and running on autopilot in under 15 minutes.
  • Comply with both your needs and legal requirements
  • Record your sales and expenses in one simple table. You don’t have to learn new software.
  • Avoid making fatal mistakes and additional tax assessments when recording your transactions. Unique integrity checks throughout the template make sure you do not forget anything.
  • Save hundreds of dollars on accounting fees and software. No monthly fees. It is completely free!
  • Import transactions from bank statement: no manual input. All you have to do is select the right category.
  • Directly print your profit & loss statement and balance sheet so you know how your business is doing financially.
  • File sales tax return in a minute.
  • No subscription.


What is the difference between invoice based and cash based accounting?

As an entrepreneur, you pay the tax authorities the VAT that you have charged your customers. You can deduct the VAT that your suppliers have calculated for you. You can calculate VAT in 2 ways:

Invoice based bookkeeping

You calculate the VAT on the basis of the invoices that you have sent and received in a declaration period. You use this method if you provide goods or services to other entrepreneurs.

Cash based bookkeeping

You calculate VAT on the basis of the actual receipts in your bank accounts and cash register in the declaration period. You use this method if you mainly supply private individuals. You can deduct the VAT from suppliers when you receive or pay the invoice. You are free to choose, as long as you always do it the same way. And to keep bookkeeping simple, SIMPLEXCEL processes the VAT from suppliers when you pay it. So you only state what you actually receive and pay in VAT on the VAT return.

What is included in SIMPLEXCEL?

SIMPLEXCEL is an all-in-one solution for your accounting needs. Simple-to-use, easy-to-understand and very affordable. This edition of the SIMPLEXCEL comes with:

  • recording of sales & income and purchases & expenses in just one table
  • import modules for all major banks: download transactions and copy/paste them in SIMPLEXCEL – we create an import module of your bank for free
  • fully adjustable categories
  • 10 bank accounts (or cash / savings account / credit cards
  • reporting module for total sales and expenses and outstanding balances
  • dashboard with a summary of your business
  • opening balance for business owners who are already in business
  • balance sheet: all your assets and equity & liabilities
  • profit & loss statement: how much profit are you making?
  • integrity checks throughout the template
  • pivot table: create your own report
  • sales tax report: sales tax filing made easy
  • ultimate flexibility: change company data, master data, chart of accounts (categories), VAT rates, date formats etc.

Simple Excel Bookkeeping

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