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For how many businesses can I use the Excel accounting template?


Currently we have 3 packages available for the Excel accounting template:

SOLO = 1 Business Licenses

PLUS = 5 Business Licenses

PRO = 10 Business Licenses

We count one "business" as one accounting unit that must submit taxes and income returns. So if you have another business, you WILL need a new activation code for that new business (it is treated separately).

For each Excel accounting template that you license and create, you can process an unlimited number of transactions within that business - we do not limit this at all. The only limitation on this is the size of the table, which we set at a standard of 1,000 line items. Please contact support to increase this when necessary. No charges.

Remember that as with all Excel accounting template licenses, these business must be owned, run and registered to the licensed account holder. They should not be used for client or customer businesses. Contact us if you are an accountant and wish to use the Excel accounting template for your clients.

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