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How to upgrade to a new version?


Automatic Update

You can quickly update to a new version by using the ExcelWorkx Update Tool. This Windows-application will automatically copy all your data into the newest version of the Excel accounting template. Download the Update Tool in the members area.

Manual Update

In order to update to a new version you have to copy your data in the new version. Unfortunately, this is still a manual 5-minute job.

You will find a video here.

1) You must only copy the white cells. Grey cells contain formulas and cannot be copied

2) E.g. in the Customer tab select cells B9-Qxx, then press Ctrl+C

3) Go to cell B9 of the customer tab in the new version. Then rightclick and select Paste Special, Values

4) Repeat that for all Master data sheets, Transactions sheets, License, Settings and Timesheets & Mileage sheets

5) If you made any changes in the Chart of Accounts you must copy it too. Make sure you also set the correct group numbers in the P&L and Balance Sheet and the Summary report.

6) Unfortunately, in some sheets you will have to repeat this multiple times, becauses columns with white and grey cells are alternated. E.g. in the Income tab you will first have to copy columns F-G, then K-L, then P-T and finally V-Z.


1. Change the Quick Access Bar by adding the Paste Values icon

2. Use Alt+Tab to quickly switch between the old and new template

In short:

  1. Select cells in the old version and press Ctrl+C
  2. Go to the first cell of the copied range in the new version (use Alt+Tab to quickly switch between the worksheets)
  3. Press the Paste Values icon in the Quick Access Bar (or rightclick and select Paste Special, Values)
  4. Repeat for alle white cells
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