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Watch these accounting videos - see how easy it is to do your bookkeeping in Excel


Before you can use the Excel accounting template you must first activate it by entering your company name, ZIP code and give activation code. This takes just a few seconds.


After completing the activation process you may want to change a few settings for your business needs. There is a ton of things you can change. From bank information to payment term. From language to currency format. From business year to timesheet categories. From VAT rates to ledger accounts.

Enter Master Data

Once you changed the template to your business needs it is time to enter your customers, suppliers, products & services, projects and employees. This information is needed before you can record business transactions. This data is extremely simple to add, change or delete.

Record Transactions

Now you can start recording your sales, purchases and bank and cash transactions. A regular journal entry ledger is also provided. Once a sales has been recorded, your invoice is instantly ready to print and/or save as a PDF-file.

Create Business Documents

Based on the recorded transactions (sales, purchases, bank/cash) your business documents are ready to print or saved. Invoices, quotes, credit notes etc are automatically generated. All you have to do is select the invoice number. You choose between 10 different colors. You will also find reminders and packing list at your disposal.

Analyse Your Business

Once you are done recording transactions, you can start analysing the financial situation of your business by watching or printing financial reports. You will find a dashboard, summary, balance sheet, profit & loss statement, top 10 lists, project reports, employee reports etc.

Update to the latest version

In this version you'll learn how to update to the latest version. Basically, you have to copy and paste (use special values) your data in the new template. UPDATE! We now have a free update tool for you. This manual updating is no longer necessary. Please download the free update tool in the members area.

The Excel Accounting Template

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