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Pre-Sales Questions
Payments & Payment Methods
What happens with updates and support after 1 year?
Excel accounting template minimum requirements
Can I download the Excel accounting template to more than one computer?
For how many businesses can I use the Excel accounting template?
Can I upgrade to Plus or Pro account later?
Can I get a Tax invoice for my purchase?
Do you have a demo or any example templates?
License questions
Can I get an Accountant license?
How do I install a license?
How do I get a (new) activation code?
My Excel accounting template stopped working in a new year
Have I lost any information when I activate my software?
I have a question about my license.
Getting Started
How to upgrade to a new version?
What are system requirements for the Excel accounting template?
What version am I using? Is an update available?
How do I install the Excel accounting template?
Excel accounting template Security check list
I downloaded the Excel accounting template, now what?
Can the Excel accounting template do this? Does it support this feature?
Where do I find documentation?
Problems and Troubleshooting
The account lookup cell is empty. What do I do?
Can I get support on the phone?
Where do I find my order number?
I forgot my login password
Customization & Integration
Can I use the Excel accounting template in my language?
How do I...
How do I install an update?
How do I sort my bank transactions?
How do I select the right account number?
How do I change the fiscal year (for example starting in April 1st)?
How do I change the currency?
How do I cancel my subscription?
How do I record credit card transactions?
How do I contact the Excel accounting template creator?
Privacy policy
Legal & Terms of Use
Do you have an affiliate / referral program?
Cookie policy
Can you notify me of new versions and updates?
Support policy

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