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Pre-Sales Questions
Can I download the Excel accounting template to more than one computer?
What happens with updates and support after 1 year?
Payments & Payment Methods
For how many businesses can I use the Excel accounting template?
Excel accounting template minimum requirements
Can I get a Tax invoice for my purchase?
Do you have a demo or any example templates?
Can I upgrade to Plus or Pro account later?
License questions
Can I get an Accountant license?
Have I lost any information when I activate my software?
How do I install a license?
How do I get a (new) activation code?
My Excel accounting template stopped working in a new year
I have a question about my license.
Getting Started
How to upgrade to a new version?
I downloaded the Excel accounting template, now what?
How do I install the Excel accounting template?
What version am I using? Is an update available?
Can the Excel accounting template do this? Does it support this feature?
What are system requirements for the Excel accounting template?
Excel accounting template Security check list
Where do I find documentation?
Problems and Troubleshooting
Can I get support on the phone?
I forgot my login password
The account lookup cell is empty. What do I do?
Where do I find my order number?
Customization & Integration
Can I use the Excel accounting template in my language?
How do I...
How do I install an update?
How do I sort my bank transactions?
How do I select the right account number?
How do I cancel my subscription?
How do I change the fiscal year (for example starting in April 1st)?
How do I contact the Excel accounting template creator?
Do you have an affiliate / referral program?
Legal & Terms of Use
Privacy policy
Can you notify me of new versions and updates?
Support policy
Cookie policy

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