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Great news + update v1.0.186

ExcelWorkx Update Tool In Action

We have some great news for you!

One of the biggest disadvantages of the Excel accounting template is having to manually copy your data into a new template when we release an update. Well, until now!

ExcelWorkx Update Tool

We our proud to present the ExcelWorkx Update Tool. Now you can automatically update to the latest version of the Excel accounting template without having to manually copy your data within minutes!

This is a big step for us. Now we can release new versions of the Excel accounting template more often without feeling burdened that you have to go through the manual update process. This is fully automated now.

ExcelWorkx Update Tool In Action

You can download the ExcelWorkx Update Tool in the members area. Although the process is straightforward, please read the manual, since there are a few requirements that must be met.

Version 1.0.186

The latest version 1.0.186 now supports the Excelworkx Update Tool.

We also added additional trade names to use for invoices, reminders and packing lists. You can enter them in the Settings-area. You can select the trade name on the right of the invoice, reminder and/or packing list.

Please download the new version in the members area.

You can see the changelog here.

Manual in Dutch

And finally we translated the user manual in Dutch for our clients from The Netherlands and Belgium.

Please download the Dutch manual in the members area.


I hope you are just as thrilled about all this good news as we are…

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