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Business Planner 2019 – 2021

business planner in excel

Today we added additional years to the Business Planner 2019 – 2021. This is a unique Excel template that lets you sets short and long-term goals and break them into small pieces. Credits: this template has been based on the Passion Planner of Angelia Trinidad. It has been changed to fit digital application. If you prefer a hardcopy please buy it at

3 different layouts

1. Annual layout: Helps you create a one year plan to reach your goals. Use this layout to mark checkpoints and deadlines in the monthly and weekly layouts. Define monthly focus points and decide on projects to execute.

2. Monthly layout: Helps you check in with your previous month, define your most important goals, break down your goals into actionable steps, and set deadlines. All data from the annual layout is also displayed.

3. Weekly layout: Incorporates your business and personal goals into the context of your daily responsibilities. Each week has sections for you to write in the week’s focus and the day’s focus, schedule appointments, list both personal and work tasks by priority, jot down the good things that happened, and a blank space to customize each week to your needs.

Business Planner

5 extra templates

It also comes with five extra sheets for making notes, keeping to-do-lists, tracking your habits, a contact list and a sheet to reflect on the last mont and planning the next month.

business planner in excel

Check it out here.

Business Planner

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